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All You Want to Know About Contractions

Yes, the thought of contractions will make you feel uneasy. During themenstrual period, you get so uncomfortable while having the cramp; think what will happen when you face it with more intensity during the last trimester of pregnancy! 

You should not panic at all. After all, you are blessed with the power of bringing a life into this earth; there must be some pain. When you will see the giggling face of your baby, you will forget everything.

Now, the point is what is contraction and how will you know it? How are you going to measure it? A baby contraction timer can help there, but new moms need more detailed information.

What Is Contraction?

According to experts, contractions are almost like a feeling of tightening and relaxing the uterine muscle over a period of time. This feels like a cramping starts in the back and then comes to the front like a wave. Ladies, who have experienced it, says, the main pain happens at the backside and they felt immense pressure. On the verge of childbirth, contractions happen at regular interval. Due to contractions, the upper part of the uterus gets tightened, while the lower part and the cervix gets relaxed and stretch. This method helps the baby to pass from the uterus and come into the birth canal, ready to be delivered.

How to Time Your Contraction

While measuring and timing contraction, you should measure the time and duration of it- when it starts, how long it continues and when it stops. To remember the statistics, you can write down this information on a piece of paper. Also, you should note down the gap in between two contractions. It will help you to describe the pattern of contraction to the hospital, the caregivers,and the midwife. Today, technology has made everything quite easy. You can now buy contraction timer online to keep arecord of your contractions. This method is quite authentic and there are minimum chances of error.

How Will You Feel during Contraction

Often, it is felt differently by different women. Many mothers describe that contractions at the early labor almost feels like menstrual cramps or gas pain. Basically, contractions are like waves. The intensity of it increases slowly and it continues until it reaches the peak. The more you proceed towards your labor, the gap between two contractions will get shorter.

As the intensity of contractions grows, the peaks come closer and sooner. If you time it, you will find a regularity in it. You can call your doctor if you are getting contractions repeatedly within 5-7 minutes.

Don’t Get Afraid or Panicky

Yes, the pain will intensify and you have to go through this. Every woman in this world goes through this, including your mom. So, don’t get panicked. Try to stay relaxed; cooperate with the changes in your body instead of going against it.

Life is going to change as soon as you get pregnant. Try to enjoy your pregnancy instead of thinking of pain and agony. You can stay well then.

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