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Definition of Pregnancy Leukorrhea?

The main benefit of pregnancy is that you avoid periods for 9 months. This could stretch to longer periods if you breastfeed. Do not throw out the pads. Increased amount of vaginal discharge referred to as Leukorrhea happens to be one of the common symptoms of pregnancy. You would need to understand what is luekorrhea during pregnancy? It points to the direction that women are aware of the fact that they are expecting.

The reasons for vaginal discharge increasing during the course of pregnancy?

The moment you become pregnant production of estrogen increases. This hormone is known to nourish and support the developing baby. The flow of blood is also increased to the pelvic region and mucous membranes are stimulated. If there is drippy nose, the pregnancy hormones have no role to play in this regard. A combination of all these activities may force the mothers to feel low in morale than they normally would.

Though increased discharge could be a cause of discomfort, but in most cases it is inevitable and harmless on all counts. The best part is that Leukorrhea does protect your baby by ensuring a better PH level and the helpful bacteria are protected in the vaginal area as well as the birth canal.

Unhealthy discharge

In case of normal discharge, you may be familiar with the same pattern as it arises in your usual cycle. Leukorrhea is thin and could be white or off white in colour. It could be accompanied by a small odour as well. The occasional version of it might emerge to be stickier and you can expect more of it though.

If the vaginal discharge is greenish or yellowish accompanied by a foul smell, it would very well indicate a degree of infection. You would need to get in touch with your doctor about the symptoms and this is if you are experiencing burning or itching. A doctor can provide you with medications so that the infection is kept at bay.

If you notice blood it is suggested that you get in touch with the doctor right away. A brown spotting could be common during pregnancy when you have been part of intercourse. Cramping or too much brown spots could indicate a problem as well. It is suggested that you check with your doctor if you notice any unwanted symptom.

How to encounter it?

Till now our discussion has revolved around what is Luekorrhea pregnancy and let us understand on how to face it.

·      Wear pads or panty liners- if you are able to change into something dry, then this is going to make you a lot comfortable

·     Make it a point that you wear loose breathable clothes. If you allow a little bit of air to circulate no harm is done.

·       Any form of douches should be left back on the shelf. The vagina is itself doing a great job where it is keeping itself clean and being balanced. As far as possible let the vagina clean itself by using warm water.

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