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Options for Healthy Snack Items

Options for Healthy Snack Items

Snacks are food items that you eat in between meals to keep your tummy full and avoid hunger pangs. There are variety of snacks ranging from healthy, oily, delicious and a combination of all three. It is important to listen to your body at all times. Sometimes, three or four meals a day is not enough for your body to survive and it constantly requires nutrients and other essentials to work properly.

That’s where snacks come in. You can have variety of snacks using many different recipes that are available. You can even ask help from your family and friends and prepare snacks that are not just filling but also provide health benefits. There are many zero oil snack recipes in Hindi that you can browse and find out for a whole hearty snack.

Brown bread sandwiches.

Sandwiches are the best option for a healthy snack as they contain all the required nutrients in the Vegetables, brown bread, and the seasonings. You can choose brown bread or multi grain bread over white bread as it will help reduce the intake of empty carbs. You can fill the sandwich with lots of green vegetables including lettuce, spinach, palak, etc as well as meat such chicken breast, lean beef for a healthy snack. 

Fruit Salad.

Fruit salads are also a very yummy snack that you can make easily and eat if you want to maintain a healthy diet and regime. You can cut up variety of fruits such as avocado, kiwi, strawberry keeping in mind the calories each fruits contain. Avoid fruits such as banana, Chickoo and other season fruits that are high on carbohydrates. 

Vegetable Salad.

The best option to keep your body fit, cool and nourished is to eat plenty of green vegetables. You can cut up variety of vegetables such as cucumber, tomatoes, capsicum, lettuce, etc. and mix it with salt and pepper for additional taste and munch on them whenever you feel hungry. 

Protein Bars.

Protein bars are useful to increase the metabolism of your body after a long and tiring day. Protein bars come in various flavours and also taste good. They are also a healthy snack if taken in moderation. 


Soups are a very good option to drink during several times of the day, ensuring that it is clear soups. Clear vegetable soup, chicken soup and other soups can keep you hydrated; fill you for a brief period of time until when you are ready for your next meal. 

Peanut Butter.

Many of you may think that since peanut butter consists of butter, it may be unhealthy. But it is not so. Peanut butter is the good fat that is essential for your bodily requirements. Hence, you can make many snacks out of this product such as peanut butter sandwich, peanut butter milkshake, smoothies, peanut butter cookies, etc.

These are some of the healthy snacks that can be consumed when you are on a diet or if you want to follow a healthy lifestyle. You can look up for jiro oil recipe in hindi languages for more options. 

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