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The Canadian visa of Quebec Skilled Worker

What is Quebec Skilled Worker Program?

The applicants who are efficient in the Regular Skilled Worker Program are granted a CSQ (Quebec Selection Certificate) and then can apply in IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) for the Canadian Permanent Resident Visa. Quebec and the government of Canada have a special contract on immigration. The county follows its own rules for selecting immigrants who want to live in there.

The Quebec provincial authorities manage the Quebec skilled worker program. The IT professionals can earn the great opportunity in Canada under this program. There are many niche zones for employment, for this, they need to obtain Quebec Skilled Worker Visa Canada.


The eligibility of an applicant is determined by some selected factors to differ from the Federal Skilled Worker Class when the Canadian government checks the criminality and medical background of the applicant; they issue the permanent resident visa to the applicants. Minimum 50 points are to be scored by the applicant to be eligible for Canadian immigration as a Quebec-selected skilled worker. The applicants who apply with a common-law partner or a spouse have to score minimum 59 points.

The applicants need to be determined by the following factors:

Language Skills

•    English skills have to be CLB-5 or more than CLB-5.
•    Spouse Characteristics.
•    The applicant can score 22 points under language skills.
•     Most preferable language skill is French instead of English language, the applicant can score 16 points in the French language which is much more than 6 points of English.
•    Employment offer from Quebec Employer.
•    Relationship and stay with Quebec residents and Canadian citizens.


•    Age should be more than 17 years.
•    The age selection factor of Quebec Skilled Worker Programme rewards young immigrants. With maximum 16 points as their eligibility score.

Educational Qualification

•    The applicant should come under AOT (Area of Training) Quebec's list and the qualification should be recognised from the foreign institution and correspond to Quebec diploma.
•    The applicant can earn up to 14 points from this factor and that is the doctorate.
•    The applicant must have the training diploma of 5 years before applying and one year experience in their professional ground.

Work Experience

•    8 points can be the score in work experience factor of the Quebec Canada Immigration Skilled Worker program.
•    Both paid employment and unpaid employment is taken as eligible job experience.
•    Before the submission of Quebec skilled worker program application, the applicant should have gathered more than four-year work experience.

Other Factors

•    The applicant should have sufficient money for the staying period of three months after immigrating to Quebec to support his family.
•    Children less than the age of 22 years can migrate to Quebec with their parents.
•    Flexibility which relies upon your basis to transfer.

Processing Time

The processing time depends on the nationality of the immigrant. It may take 7 to 39 months.

Mon Projet Quebec

Mon projet Qu├ębec allows applicants to fill their application for CSQ, make the online payment, follow their application status, do changes in their application, and contact individual electronic messaging through the whole process. It makes the procedure easy.

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