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Common Women Wear for Muslims

Common women wear for Muslims

It is said that in order to follow their religious faith, Muslim women are always under a veil. They use a piece of clothing which covers their face and head in order to symbolise their sacredness. Mostly Muslim women wear those veils in order to retain their cultural identity.

A veil can either be a loose scarf which can cover the head or it can be a cloak which covers the whole body at last from neck to toe. If one needs to burqa buy online, they will get to see that there are different types of Muslim veils available like niqab, al amira, shyla, hijab and many more. It is a good thing to have a clear idea about all of them.


This is a scarf which is mainly used to cover the hair and the neck but not the face. It is a rectangular or a square shaped piece of cloth which is plain folded to put over the head and then tied under the chin just like any other head scarf. After a woman reaches their puberty they have to wear hijab in front of other people especially when they are going out. One can get hijab of various colours and shapes these days and one can match then with their outfit.


 This one is also a scarf but a combination of scarf and veil which covers the head, neck and the ears. But this leaves the eyes. The niqab extends till the middle of the back and the chest part. One can wear this with a burqa or with other clothes. This one is commonly worn in countries like Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain.


The most common garment for Muslim women which covers the entire body from head to toe. Burqa also covers the face and that includes the eyes as well. On the eyes area there is a mesh screen from which one can see through. This is mainly worn by Muslim women when they are in public. One can get them in different colours and designs though.


Chadar is an outer garment or an open cloak which are mainly worn by women of Middle East when they go out in public. This is a full length robe which has no hand openings. One can toss it over their head and then it flows down over the garment that is already worn. One can pair this garment with a hijab and one can mix and match the colours before wearing them.


This garment is very popular in the golf countries. It is a cloak which is loosely fitted and it is usually worn with a niqab or a hijab. They do have sleeves and are closed from the front or have buttons. One can get a lot of varieties when it comes to abayas and many colours and prints are also available.

One can purchase burqa online and can see the varieties available. The can also go for the embellished ones.

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