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Features and Requirements of Australia Business Owner Visa (Subclass 890)

What is Australia Business Owner Visa (Subclass 890)?

The business owner visa is a permanent residence visa that allows an individual to travel in and out of Australia for a period of five years. It is available to all the people who either own or manage a business in Australia. The prime motive of this category of visa is to encourage businessmen to stay permanently in Australia on business visa and develop businesses that are either new or existing. The business individuals can be investors, business owners or senior executives.

What is the eligibility to get the Visa?

To be able to get the Australia business owner visa subclass 890, an individual must:
      Own or manage a business in Australia.
      Meet all the requirements of their provisional visa.
      Ensure that they and their family meet all the requirements in regard to the health or the character.
      Be committed to continue business or investment activities in Australia in the future.
      Ensure that neither they themselves nor their spouse were involved in any kind of business activity that is unacceptable in any way.
      Have lived in Australia for a minimum of 12 months in the past two years on any one of the below mentioned visas.
      Hold any one of the following provisional visas:

1.     Business owner provisional visa (subclass 160)
2.     Senior executive provisional visa (subclass 161)
3.     Investor provisional visa (subclass 162)
4.     State or territory sponsored business owner provisional visa (subclass 163)
5.     State or territory sponsored senior executive provisional visa (subclass 164)
6.     State or territory sponsored investor provisional visa (subclass 165)
It is important to note that you must be in Australia when you apply for the visa application.

What are the features of Visa?

The business owner visa is a permanent residence visa. It lets the holder of the visa enjoy the following benefits:

      They can stay in Australia for an indefinite period.
      They can work as well as study in Australia.
      They can enroll in Medicare. Medicare is a health related scheme in Australia which is related to the care and expenses.
      The holder of the visa can also apply for Australian citizenship in case they are eligible for the same.
      They can also sponsor their relatives for permanent residence. However, the relatives must be eligible for the same.
      They can travel to and from Australia for a period of five years, starting from the date the visa has been granted.

The business owner visa program for Australia aims at developing the businesses in Australia. It can cost anywhere from AUD 2225 and might also include other costs such as cost of police certificates, health assessments or cost of any other tests or certificates that might be required.

It is important that you as well as your family comply with all the Australian laws and visa conditions apart from the business obligations to get the Australia Business owner visa subclass 890.

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