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Journey of Multimedia Entertainment Platform – from Then Till Now

Journey of Multimedia Entertainment Platform – from Then Till Now

Entertainment is something we all cherish. Once upon a time, we used to entertain ourselves by reading books and novels. Yes, I’m talking about the 50’s! After that time period, radio came into existence and it changed every equation. People were quite interested to know about a machine that extracts human sounds! Okay, after the radio became habituated with individuals, television was invented and it shook the world! Yes, the rectangularly shaped machinery made people fall in love with it. People could see objects moving along with their voice! And it was definitely surprising at that moment.

The TV was getting familiar with the people and it was truly a revolution. Right at the time when people started to believe nothing can be better than that, we can find an invention that changed the definition of entertainment and work activities. Then we were introduced to mobiles which is another huge step towards advancement.
I am going to portray the step-by-step evolution of entertainment platform – from the start to now. I am putting the newest first. So, you’ll find the radio at the last of the list.


Mobiles are one of the most important parts of our daily life. We can stay a day without food but can’t stay without our mobiles. At first, mobiles were not colorful and we could only make calls from it and see dates and play snake games! But now the smartphones give us every liberty there can ever be. You can book tickets, play games, watch movies, click or edit photos and even can talk to it with the latest AI technology.


Before mobile, computers came to life. Since Charles Babbage invented the first ever computer that took a whole room to fit, now we have laptops that fit our laps! We can do literally everything through this device. From bill payments to playing games and watching videos on the internet through video streaming sites like CouchTuner. Computers are our best buddy.


Before computer arrived, people used to indulge themselves through the Television. Today also television is hugely used. But the current Plasma and Smart TVs cannot depict how it was before. When first invented, TV was the square-shaped machine that used to display Black&White pictures. Then color TVs came and nowadays one can even hang a TV on their walls! From the days of Black&White to 4K videos, journey of TV has been significant and still praised.


This is the first ever multimedia platform that was introduced to humankind. When people heard the human voice and other sounds coming out of a box after pressing a switch, they went for a shock. Some regarded this as spiritual activities but afterward, everyone was delighted to use the radio as one of the best was to get entertained. Even now you can find radios at many places.

So, these are the stages multimedia entertainment has gone through. From the radio to mobile, the journey was long but the outcome was superb! Now, with the birth of the internet, you can do anything and everything from your PC or mobile. Watching movies or TV shows online is too seamless. While talking about entertainment and online video watching, it’s worth mentioning Layerpoint because they have accumulated some of the best websites for watching online videos. So, keep entertaining yourself.

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