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Why Introduce Single Estate Tea in your life?

Single estate tea as the name suggests is based on single region which could be specific region, province, state or country. Single estate tea is based on relative category that reminds of its origin and has a distinctive taste. In fact Single estate tea is quite different from other blending tea, as the aroma of blending tea is achieved  after mixing the ingredients of various regions together. This could also mean blending tea together from different states and countries and making it into various flavours and tastes.

Hence to be kept in mind that unblended tea simplifies it's traceability of a particular produce from a single garden or during the season. Through this the customer gets to know about place of growth and processing region of the tea.

Drinking of single estate tea would mean drinking the purest tea which the tea master or farmer had grown in original form. Which means that the tea has the original taste of only one farm and is not mixed with the teas of other farms. Every tea master uses his own personal and different techniques in processing tea leaves to create the best taste of the tea. When tea from different farms is not mixed together, the farm and the tea master are particularly responsible for the quality of tea. The quality of tea  depends on "how the tea is grown" as well as "how the leaves are processed”.

With Single estate tea, the farming techniques used in the growth of tea can be easily recognised. All natural methods of cultivation is used for growing tea which has no chemicals, synthetic fertilizes, herbicides or pesticides coated on them. It is very important as the tea cannot be washed before processing and if washed it is sure to lose it's aroma  and taste, and also the chemicals would get mixed with your cup of tea. With no chemicals tea tree farming the environment is better and the farming practices are sustainable. The demand for naturally grown tea is more popular in today's times and it is of higher quality then those grown with chemicals and synthetic fertilizes.

 Benefits of Single Estate Tea

It is important to know that the flavour of the tea is affected by the region in which it is grown. In spite of the similar process that is used in the production of all teas, certain factors like the soil and climate of the region also affect the taste of tea. Single estate tea allow their customers to enjoy variety of fragrances and flavours of tea from various regions.

The originality factor of single estate tea is evident from  its taste which makes the people alert and aware of the essential process of its manufacturing. Thus the fact is that tea produced in a particular area needs to sustain the effect of environment and rights of the tea estate operators.

Single estate tea is extensively different from its  other counter parts in terms of quality and price. Single estate tea is cheaper as compared to other blended tea, is the procedure used is expensive in making blending tea. Making of blending tea requires necessary mechanism, energy, planning, tasting and regulating to get controlled results of various taste and aroma. Thus it becomes important to introduce unique unblended single origin tea as part of your daily life.

Introducing single estate tea in your life is definitely a very good decision, as it is all natural, healthy and pure tea that is not mixed with  any other ingredients and has no harmful effects.

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