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Chinese Dishes that are loved by Indians

Indians have adapted to food habits from different cuisines including the Chinese. Chinese dishes have their own specialty. They have a unique aroma, wonderful appearance, and excellent flavour in their food. That is why Chinese cuisine has its own subdivision of our vast cuisine. Indians always love spicy food with an extraordinary taste. The taste of the food matters a lot to Indians. That is why Indians sometimes change the taste of foods of different cuisines by adding some spices and flavours to make it more delightful.

All Chinese dishes have one thing in common, that is soya sauce and vegetables. The gravy of the Chinese dishes is generally made-up with soya sauce, which adds the unique flavour. There are many Chinese dishes that now Indians eat for almost every day. But they are different from their actual taste. Some of these dishes are –

Hakka Noodles: Noodles are the most common street food in India. It can be veg as well as non-veg. It is made up of noodles, various vegetables, chicken (in case of non-veg). It has that awesome flavour due to vinegar, chilli sauce, and pepper.

      Chilli Chicken: Chilli chicken is a spicy non-veg dish, which has become a core part of Indian cuisine. It has a mixed flavour of sweet and chilli and also has thick gravy. It can be eaten with rice as well as lachha paratha. This food is widely available in the restaurants and some people also love to make it at home.

       Dim Sum: It is commonly known as momo, which is generally a Chinese dish stuffed with vegetables or meat. This has become one of the best street foods and is loved by a majority of people. It is served with a chilli sauce and a bowl of soup.

      Manchurian: Again this dish also is for vegetarians and non-vegetarians. Veg Manchurian is a ball of smashed vegetables that deep-fried and dipped into soya sauce. In chicken Manchurian, chicken is given in the place of vegetables. Two varieties of this dish are available dry and gravy Manchurian. Both the dishes are equally popular in India.

      Chicken Soup: Soups are very healthy and have low calorie. Soups are generally made up of various vegetables and into it, chicken is added. It is very nutritious that is why it is also taken by people in hospitals. It is served as a starter in India but the Chinese love to have it in their main course.

Spring Roll: It is one of the most popular dishes of Asian Cuisine. It is very spicy and crispy. It is generally made-up from boiled Hakka noodles with Schezwan sauce and tomato ketchup, which adds all the spices to it. Then it is wrapped with vegetables in spring rolls.

These are some of the Chinese dishes with Indian touch which has great nutritional values and also good for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. They can be made within a very short time and with very fewer ingredients. 

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