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Different Variations of Sambar

Many people make sambar multiple times a week with dosa, idli or steamed rice. Some people accompany it with dry sabzi and fry papads while they serve it with rice. Sambar powder needs to be added in some recipes of sambar. You can either purchase this powder from outside or you can also make it at your own convenience.

Homemade sambar powder is popular for providing a great aroma and flavour to the preparation. Therefore, if your menu frequently consists of sambar, then it is better to prepare the sambar powder at your home. Some very popular sambar recipe in hindi are as follows:

Sambar: You can easily and quickly prepare vegetable sambar by utilizing pressure cooker. A typical recipe of South Indian sambar calls for a range of vegetables including bottle gourd, pumpkin, cucumbers, eggplant, drumstick, lady finger, onions, sweet potatoes, and tomatoes. You can choose vegetables as per your choice and vegetables are completely optional. Each vegetable gives different taste and flavour.

Varutharacha Sambar: The varutharacha sambar from Kerala is a scrumptious variation of sambar, prepared with mix veggies, roasted spices, and lentils. An important ingredient of this recipe is roasted coconut.

Kerala Sambar: Mix vegetables and paste of roasted coconut-spices are used to prepare this recipe. You can take any vegetables that are available or that you prefer. Some other widely popular cuisines of kerala are kadala curry, appam, keralaparotta, veg stew, pazhampori, and red coconut chutney.

Tomato Sambar: It is a scrumptious variety of South Indian sambar. Lentils and tomatoes are two main ingredients of this preparation.

Sambar Rice: It is a delicious and simple-to-prepare one-pot meal. Sambar rice preparation is similar to the preparation of bisibele bath but both have different taste. You can use your favourite vegetables to prepare the sambar rice. You can adjust the sambar rice’s consistency like khichdi.

Mysore Sambar: It is very delicious variation of sambar prepared with mix vegetables. If you want to bring authentic taste in Mysore sambar, then you can use Mysore sambar masala powder. If tempered in ghee, sambar will give an amazing taste. Some of the famous preparations of Mysore are Mysore rasam, Mysore Pak, Mysore Bonda, Mysore masala dosa, and others.

Mangalore Style Vegetable Sambar: Mix vegetable sambar is prepared with roasted spices, lentils, and fresh coconut paste. Lots of vegetables are added, such as pumpkin, brinjals, drumsticks, carrots, ash gourd, sambar cucumber, tomatoes, French beans, and bottle gourd. You can mix those vegetables that are available in your kitchen. Some other delicious preparations of Mangaloreancuisine are banana buns, tindorachana masala, malabar spinach curry, Mangaloreanstyle veg biryani, paneer ghee roast, etc.

Kathirikai Sambar: It is a superbly delicious South Indian sambar, prepared with small brinjals. You can use any aubergine or brinjal in the sambar. 

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