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Peter Max explains what makes American Pop Art different from that of Britain’s Pop Art

The Pop art movement is recognized with the themes and techniques drawn from the popular mass culture. This art movement is considered as a response to the thoughts of abstract expressionism. This form of art included descriptions of popular culture in art, at times via the use of sarcasm. Even though they have been inspired by similar subject matter, British pop art is often seen as unique from American pop art. The pop art in Britain has been powered by the popular culture of the American, but the American artists have been inspired by what they have seen and experienced staying in that culture.

Peter Max: The celebrated pop art star explains the difference between American pop art and that of Britain’s pop art

Even though pop art has been originated in Britain but it gradually turned out into a popular art not only in Britain but also in the United States. Being one of the celebrated pop art stars, Peter says that one of the major differences between British pop art and that of American pop art is that the former form of art tends to focus on a more light hearted tone and often tries to incorporate humor. But on the other hand; American pop art is more complicated and the subject matter tends to be more thoughtful and dramatic. 

Peter Max is a renowned American pop art star who all through his career has expertly intertwined art and everyday life. Being a leading pop artist, Peter says that American pop art has been a response to the culture at that time, which has been stalled in publicity and commercialism. Though pop art does not tend to openly complain this state of affairs, it is deeply influenced by it. As a result, pop art reverberated very deeply with the mass population, and unlike many modern movements, it incorporated techniques and subject matter that a wide audience has already been very familiar with.

Even though British and American Pop art are very different but they still share many similarities. Both American and British form of art presents a challenge toward the traditions of fine art by including images from popular culture such as news and advertising. While the American pop art goes against abstract impressionism because of its recognizable imagery and hard edges, the British style pop art tends to have a more academic approach and adoptive style, which is quite interesting.

Max’s being a renowned American Pop art star has done artwork ranging from jet airliners to TV commercials, multiple Super Bowls, World Series, the World Cup, Rock and Roll and Grammy Awards as well as Hall of Fame. He has done portrayals of apparently every famous personalities and cultural figure starting from the U.S. presidents to stars like Jimi Hendrix, Dennis Rodman as well as Taylor Swift.

Over the decades, Peter Max has churned out thousands of works on just about any surface, starting from canvases and album covers to airplanes, cruise ships and stages.

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