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Momos: The Street Food Ruler

Momos: The Street Food Ruler

There are different types of dishes and snacks out there that can give you a scrumptious time. Of course food is like a friend forever.  The ingredients, spices, tang and overall coating; everything make you feel rich and loved. Talking about one of the most famous street food Momos, these are one of the most loved street foods. Whether you talk about the kids, youngsters or even the oldies, everybody loves these deliciously hot Momos.

The craze is such that some people even prepare momos at home too. They use the Momos recipe in Hindi and get started. Anyhow, to multiply the charm, thrill and excrement, you must know that momos are not limited to one or two types; these are flooded with varieties. And yes, once you begin to eat momos, there is no chance that you would end up with one piece only!

Steamed Momos

Just imagine it is a cold winter evening and you are holding a plate of tasty hot momos. Indeed, these half-moon shaped momos possess a thick wrapping with a spicy filling of soy chunks, seasonal vegetables and paneer. These momos taste delicious with cool mint chutney or even the fiery chilli sauce. Next time when it is chilling cold, don’t forget to grab that delicious plate of momos!

Fried Momos

These scrumptious momos are packed with cooked vegetables and pepper flavour. These beautifully deep fried, crunchy hot momos taste the finest with mayonnaise coupled with hot chilli-garlic sauce. These momos promise an ideal crunch as soon as you take a piece.

Wheat Momos

Are you worrying about your health? What if you get a scrumptious plate full of health stored for you? Yes there is an ideal momo-meal for all the health conscious folks out there. These momos are prepared with wheat, so you can relish as much palatable treats as you wish to. Mingle them up with fiery chilli sauce for a thrilling flavour.

Tandoori Momos

If you love momos then you might have eaten or at least tasted tandoori momos, have you?  These momos have a luxurious flavour and an extensive texture, and have turned out to be a tasty temptation.  Such a fusion experiment is extremely popular amongst momo lovers.  Whether you are vegetarian or non-vegetarian, you can relish tandoori momos at different restaurants.

Soup Momos

Having momos that too with a hot bowl of soup; what can be the finest way to spend your evenings? But what if these two things get blend together? Exactly   you can have a taste of momos made up of   spicy and tasty vegetable or chicken broth and piping hot momos are added to enhance the flavour. It tastes just so awesome. You feel as if you are in a heavenly abode.

Chilly Momos

Chilly momos or commonly known as C-momos is a burning plate of momos made up of hot, tasty sauce. It caters the steamed texture of momos the correct amount of hotness. The momos are prepared with sliced green chillies, spring onions, fresh bell peppers and some scallions. The scrumptious sauce is prepared of soy sauce, chilli sauce and of course ketchup. 
So, how many of these momos you have actually tried in your life? Come on these were just a few of them and there are many other too!

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