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Top 5 Auto Parts that are Safe to Replace with Recycled Ones from an Auto Wrecker

Do you need to replace your car parts but don’t have a flexible budget for it? Here are a few car parts you can change at far lesser prices.“

Are you passionate about cars? Do you crave for improved and more enjoyable driving performances quite frequently? If yes, then it must be a little difficult for you to satiate your needs because a change in your driving experience regularly will not require you to change your car often. However, it is not possible to change cars that frequently and is also not financially wise to take such a step based on your whims and fancies. But there is also another way to improve the functionality and operations of your car without having to replace it with a new one. Change the parts with recycled and used ones. Yes, you heard that right! You can just change the components of your present car and simply enjoy a new experience on the road.

Moreover, you can save a lot if you purchase the recycled auto parts from a junkyard. Whether you own a Nissan just 4x4, X-trail, Dualis, or Patrol, you will find a number of auto wrecking companies who can provide you with numerous options of scavenging parts which have been rebuilt after being reconditioned and tested to meet the original performance specifications. However, you certainly cannot replace all the parts of your car. Some used parts have a tendency of wearing out over the course of time due to age and significant wear and tear and can also be dangerous to install. So, which parts are more apt for your car?

Spare Tires

Do you need a new spare tire? But you might have to spend a lot if you are planning to opt for a new one. The best solution would be to get a spare tire from a junkyard or salvage yard nearby or contact a company that has their own salvage yard. You can easily find a spare tire at less than half the price of the new one. Sometimes, you might also find a product that may not be brand new but is newer compared to your car. So, recycled auto parts don’t necessarily mean old compared to your car.


The rims of your car maybe leaking due to corrosion or a peeling finish. You can resort to auto wrecking companies or a junkyard nearby to replace these with old steel rims. If you like fancy alloy rims, you can sometimes find them easily on the wrecked cars and that too, for just a fraction of the cost that would incur on buying new ones. But you must check the fact they should not be corroded or bent.


The window or sunroof of your car also plays a major role in your car’s performance. So, you cannot neglect a broken or cracked window and sunroof but paying for also can be a huge burden on your shoulders. Therefore, to relieve you a little bit, you should opt for a junkyard for such purchases. And you will be surprised to know that along with the window glass, you can find window hardware, motors, power switches etc with a good longevity and that too, at cheaper rates.


If you a broken or shattered side or rear view mirror, you must replace it soon as it is quite unsafe to drive in this condition but you should know that replacing even the side mirror of your car can be hefty for your pockets. Moreover, if it has features like lighting, compass display etc, it would cost you even more. If you want to save money, you can do it drastically by choosing to buy the recycled ones from reputed auto wreckers.

Power Locks

Your power lock solenoids can be worn-out due to daily wear and tear, leaving you in a lot of inconveniences. You might not want to purchase new power lock parts owing to its high price but now you no longer need to make this sacrifice. You can enjoy the working power locks on your car within your budget if you get the recycled ones from a good junkyard.

So, no matter what car you own, right from a Nissan patrol 4x4 to Navara or Terrano, you should look for a renowned and credible auto wrecking company with a salvage yard of their own so that you can replace your car parts with recycled ones and save a lot on your pockets.

Author Bio: Jim Cox, a regular blogger on recycled auto parts of various cars like Nissan just 4x4, Dualis, Navara, X-rail, or patrol 4x4, here writes on a few car parts that can be replaced with recycled auto parts from  junkyard.

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