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Why Choose Wholesale Organic Cotton?

For centuries now, cotton has been one of the world’s most beloved fabrics, and people everywhere use it in a variety of situations, from homewares to clothing and in many other products as well. Fabric such as Organic Cotton is extremely popular in wholesale communities, due to the reduced impact on agriculture and workers. But why do people choose to work with cotton in the first place?

Ease of Wear

Many people suffer from skin conditions that leave them in discomfort if exposed to the wrong types of materials. Organic cotton can be a far more gentle fabric for these people, especially those who are sensitive to synthetic materials. Indeed, with  a number of skin conditions exacerbated by synthetic fabrics, there will always be a place for natural, organic and sustainable materials in the clothing industry.


While many fabrics are more stylish than cotton, none of them can match the humble material for versatility. Almost every piece of clothing can be manufactured using cotton, all variable with grade quality and construction. Whether it’s trousers, shirts, dresses, or jumpers, customers enjoy the ability to wear cotton in any form they desire, something which can’t be said for many other types of fabrics, including synthetics.


Besides cotton’s soft hand-feel for sensitive skin and its versatility, cotton is popular simply due to the sheer usability of the fabric. Far sturdier than delicate materials like silk, and more breathable and lightweight than other options, cotton allows customers to feel unrestricted and comfortable in more situations. Cotton lasts longer and has excellent performance when compared withmost other fabrics, and customers are well-aware of this fact.

How To Choose Your Wholesaler?

Given cotton’s popularity, it is no surprise to see countless manufacturers offering various organic cotton fabrics wholesale, but how do you choose the right company to work with? Consider the variance between cost and quality; some businesses will mark up the price of their cotton, without offering a comparative increase in the quality.

Of course, what can be hard to grasp is that garment manufacturers rarely produce the textiles themselves. As such, you must consider both parties, the relationships they have together, and industry reputations.. Finally, look at their client base to see which retailers are choosing to work with the manufacturer, as this can indicate how competent they are in handling different requests and requirements from different retailers.

Choose Ethically

If you are going to choose an organic cotton wholesaler, you should also consider selecting one that employs ethical standards for their staff and business operations. The garment industry is rife with manufacturers taking advantage of their employees, meaning that an ethical one allows you to stand up for human rights and delivers you a superior quality fabric.

Do your research, find a range of manufacturers and talk to them about their business ethics standards; you will find a strong correlation between quality and ethical behaviour.

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