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Islamic artis a wide-encompassing term that includes several forms of arts and crafts such as carpets, ceramic plates, paintings, glassworks and wall frames – all primarily adorned with Islamic calligraphy, which is basically writing/carving/etching/painting the verses of the Quran or narrations from the Hadith in stylish fonts. Islamic art is the primary means by which Muslims decorate their homes, and therefore, Islamic art for home is an important home décor category targeted at practitioners of the Islamic faith. Indeed, as ecommerce is the way people shop for everything now – from gadgets and books to clothes and grocery --- even home décor is being sold online. People search for Islamic art for sale online in order to decorate their homes with spiritual reminders that can also up the visual quotient of their homes.

Following are some of the popular items that are available in Islamic art for sale online:

  • Wall decals

Wall decals are vinyl stickers that can be pasted directly to the walls, without the need of framing. The stickers are cut to the size and shape of the Arabic text written in calligraphic style. Economically priced, they are abundantly available on ecommerce platforms and seem to be the most popular form of Islamic wall art, going by the number of sellers dealing in it.
The vinyl decals are sticky on the side that is stuck to the wall, while on the other side, they have Quranic text in calligraphic font. Self-adhesive and water-resistant, they come in very large sizes. As they come sans any background (the background being the wall surface only), the focus is only on the calligraphy, and more importantly, on the verse (s) of the Quran.

  • Digital prints

For those who love colours but can’t afford Islamic paintings, then digital prints of original Islamic paintings are a good option. Even a print of digitally-coloured handwritten calligraphy serves the purpose. The digital images can be printed in any size on canvas or paper. High-quality digital prints mimic the originals very well, and it is difficult to tell the difference. Above all, they are easy on the pocket. Frame them and uplift the visual and spiritual décor of your home.

  • Steel frames

If you like 3D art, stainless steel frames, a new innovation, should work well for you. A stainless steel frame, cut to shape of the text with the help of a machine, looks majestic yet minimalist, especially when lit from behind.


  • Glass works

Glass items etched with calligraphy make for a delicate home décor item that you can place on your desk or gift someone as souvenir.

  • Ceramic plates

Colourful ceramic plates with floral patterns and Arabic calligraphy can be placed on shelves or fixed to the wall. An array of plates arranged neatly only the wall makes for very good décor.

Indeed, Islamic art for home is a large category that consists of varied crafts, and one is spoilt for choice when one searches for Islamic art for sale online in the buzzing marketplace.

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