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Lightening Arresters That One Deserve

Lightening Arresters That One Deserve

We are well aware of the calamity happening all over the globe right now. One place or another certain calamity related to tsunami, earthquake or lightening happens daily. Well, we can’t blame the nature for all. We human being are responsible for it to a great extend. The global warming that we are causing can be considered to be the main reason. However, to eradicate the effects of global warming totally, it will take a huge amount of time. Till that we have to deal with the calamity with some different aspect. Thus, in order to keep you people safe from lightening, scientists are up with lightening arrester. The instrument may sound like some big marvel toy but it isn’t.

Areas like the electric power stations and telecommunication stations widely do need such lightening arresters in order to avoid any big calamity from happening. The lightening can hamper the insulation and conductors of the system which isn’t good for the company eventually and not even for the people surrounding the area. If we describe lightening arrester in simple word, it can be described as a device which has the potential to transmit the high voltage lightening to the ground which effecting anything. A typical lightening arrester has a high voltage terminal at the top which pulls the lightening towards it and thus is transmitted all the way down to the ground. 

At telecommunication stations the lightening arrester is kept near the location where the wires enter the system structure in order to prevent damage to electronic instruments. This ensures the safety of the people working around the device and the device too. You must have even come across the word – Surge Protector. Well, it is just like the lightening arrester, it is just the smaller version of it. This Surge protector has the job to prevent the flow of actual power or current to the ground. This provides a path for the high voltage current to flow decreasing the potential of the current. The only purpose with which the surge protector is being made is to reduce the risk of rise in voltage when a power line or communication station is being hit hard by lightening. Cold Shrink Cable Termination is another device with same feature.

What if the Lightening Arrestor Fails?

Rarely do things like this happen but if the lightening arrestor isn’t provided with proper maintenance, there can be a great amount of loss that the individuals has to face all over the area who are using the service of that power station. Well, if it fails the lightening strike would bring thousands of kilovolts to the transmission lines at once which can’t be bear by them leading to damage to transformers and other electronic devices. Even appliance at homes will be affected due to this. Apart from it, it can even lead to the dead of money due to the incoming high voltage power line.

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