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Best Restaurants in Amritsar

Best Restaurants in Amritsar

Amritsar trip needs various exciting offers with amazing food with yummy items. If you thinking to eat what delicious item in Amritsar. Then choose the best restaurant in nearbyAmristar with good tasty food items to regret spending your time and effort in making this trip happen. There are so many long weeks to happen for various food needs to except the exact best things to see, enjoy and eat in Amritsar. To put forth a list of the Best Restaurants in Amritsarwith some great food experiences which they have more order for particular items with just like to put food experiences for your next Amritsar trip.

Sarson Da Saag&Makke Ki Roti atKesar Da Dhaba

Planning for a trip in Amristar and choosing the best restaurant in nearby location. Then why late after reaching Amritsar selectAmritsar to get piping hot rotis with tasty curry with creamy sarson da saag at the restaurant. And trying to smoke with meal with sweet note with good tasty and gets it to your home with spices with are tasty, crisp, and affordable, and they will serve a few delicious side snacks at Kesar Da Dhaba.

Beera Chicken Corner

Make sure after coming Amritsar with nondescript on various foodies paradise. Beera chicken is famous food court restaurant in to fill your empty stomach. To get full effects with carious famous potion with rich flavor of Tandoori chicken. They are many locals to travel for Amritsar with best Tandoori chicken in India. Try yourself to agree with delicious food with heavy butter chicken with couple of butter slices with combination of nanns

La Roma Pizzeria

The combination of naan is various delicious dunner choice with butter. To satisfy with Pizza with craving with delicious to serve a few items with side sandwiches well to the snacks with chicken nuggets with veg nuggets to starts with tandodori chicken where they are really ravenous and ravenous with gigantic club and well not down. Here the bets delicious items was bets are either the chicken mortadela, or the Napoli for vegetarians. La Roma is a great place for the fun, with casual night with friends.

Pickles From Clock Tower Brand, Mishri Bazaar

To spent the time with your extended of your time looking for offbeat and fresh picklesis with best proved with natural quite disappoint with spice tasty food dishes at Mishri Bazaar. It is very famous for pickles to explore across the shops and mainly recommend the Ghantaghar or the Clock Tower Brand pickles. To get extract from pickles with fresh gajar, gobhi and shalgam they were definitely eyeing the hot green chill one as well.

Bheja Fry AtMame Da Dhaba

Mame Da Dhaba is very soft to dry on which they were reacted on which they were really well done with marrow of various combination make any criticisms. They will protect the circumstances with delicious food items to needs is lot queasy authentic bheja fry at our PulKanjari visit the place in Amristar . 

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