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Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment: Option That Can Give You Easiest Way

Citibank Credit Card Bill Payment: Option That Can Give You Easiest Way

Citibank is the best bank in the private sector. They bring all types of services from the shopping, dining, traveling and more along with extra cashback, reward points, gift vouchers, etc. As well as, they provide online and offline payment options. Each bank can have special facilities for the customers so that use and enjoy every moment of life without an issue.

Why do you choose credit card as compared to having cash? Because that can use anytime or anywhere, you can swipe for purchase your favorite goodies, make Citibank credit card bill payment and more.

Citibank credit card can give two payment options an online or offline. Select any of the options as per your comfort level. When you choose an offline method, need to visit the nearest bank branch and fill the physical application form with a few documents. As in busy schedule lifestyle, most of the people don’t have time to choose this method, but it depends on you and your convenience. Many people still don’t feel comfortable with the online payment for them offline service is here.

When your choice an online should register yourself. For registration should fill the online application form with all required details and submit for the next level. They can verify all the shared data, then give login ID or password. For all types of online banking need a different User ID or password.

Citibank Credit Card Offline Bill Payment Method

Cash Service: For this service need to visit the nearest bank branch and pay the bills on the counter. After that, give one slip from the bank counter as proof.

Cheque Service: Fill the blank cheque as per the mandate filled and drop into the nearest ATM box.

Citibank Credit Card Online Bill Payment Method

Net Banking Service: To link with the current or savings account and make Citibank credit card bill payment on time. This service is secure, easy and time-saving. You can login through own User ID and password and use the portal for multi-purpose such as check outstanding balance, due payment, and swipe report.

Mobile Banking App Service: Net banking or mobile banking is the same portal, but login with a different User ID or password. To use the mobile banking app should download or install the site. After installation, you can use it to make payment or check balance and more. Most of the people can use this service because you can login to anywhere from the office to home.

Autopay Service: When you have many credit cards that case there is a chance to forget to pay a few cards. To solve your issue with the bank, can give autopay service. You need to set standing instruction with the current account and pay bills on time. They confirm about bill payment through an email.

NEFT Service: National electronic fund transfer can use when don’t have a bank account in the same bank. Add payee account number or amount and through NEFT can make payment.

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